Stay with a local family to make deeper connections with Peru and its people.

Our homestay families are middle-class “Ollantaytambinos” who work as artisans, farmers, teachers, drivers and stay-at-home moms. Their homes are simple and comfortable. They are experienced in hosting visitors.Awamaki Homestay

Homestays include three meals per day of typical Andean fare, like stir-fry beef with rice, chicken in creamy pepper sauce and quinoa, vegetable and potato soups.

Families are your best source of knowledge for local activities like hikes and ruins to visit. They welcome guests to participate in their work, like visiting their farm plots, preparing meals and joining in local birthdays and other celebrations.

Don’t worry if you don’t speak any Spanish! Homestay families are very patient and are accustomed to accommodating visitors with all levels of Spanish. There is no better way to quickly improve your Spanish than staying with a family!

Our homestays can easily accommodate couples and families traveling together, as well as dietary restrictions.



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“I really enjoyed spending time with my family. Susana & Antonio loved helping me with my Spanish and teaching me all about Peruvian culture.”

“A plus-size cultural experience invaluable in developing Spanish language skills.”

“My homestay owned a restaurant – there was a little chair next to the stove – just right for a guest to get warm by the stove, learn about Peruvian cooking, and practice their Spanish food vocabulary!”

“Our homestay family was very warm and always made me feel welcome despite the language barrier.”

“It is great living with my family and experiencing Peruvian culture first-hand. Ruth and Valentin are always extremely warm and accommodating, especially when it comes to practicing my Spanish.”

“Loved the experience! Great food, great company, great people. An experience not to be missed.”

“Living with my homestay family has been one of the best experiences of my life! It’s a great way to improve your Spanish as well as build relationships with people in the community.”

“My host family has become my real family. I have loved living with them so much that I continued to live with them for 6 months!”