Volunteering at Awamaki






The success of Awamaki’s work is made possible by the generosity and commitment of our volunteers and interns. We rely on their fresh ideas and skills to constantly improve and expand our projects. Volunteers and interns are encouraged to take initiative and work without a great deal of supervision in areas that particularly appeal to their interests and areas of expertise. As such, they leave Awamaki confident that they made a tangible contribution to the organization and that their skills were used effectively.

Volunteers and interns are required to stay for a minimum of 10 weeks, allowing them to take leadership of their own projects and make a meaningful contribution to Awamaki’s programs. Long-term volunteers and interns who stay for more than 6 months are refunded most of the volunteer donation in recognition of the significant contribution that their work has made.


Volunteer Positions and Projects

Volunteer and internship opportunities typically fall into one of the following programs:

  1. Women’s Cooperatives
  2. Sustainable Tourism
  3. Marketing and Communications
  4. Monitoring and Evaluations

Read more about each program, valuable areas of expertise, and possible projects on our Idealist page or in the Positions and Projects section of our website.   


Is Awamaki the right fit for you?

There is no “typical” Awamaki volunteer or intern. Many are college students or recent graduates, while others are graduate students, teachers on summer vacation, high school graduates on their gap year, or retirees in search of an adventure. But all volunteers and interns have a few things in common—they are self-motivated, committed to our mission, and capable of working both independently and in a team setting.

While some positions require significant previous experience, such as fashion design skills or statistics and data management skills, other programs frequently accept volunteers and interns with more general skills, such as clear communication, creative writing, or sales expertise. We work to ensure that a wide range of individuals are able to find a position within Awamaki that fits him or her, guaranteeing a unique and ever-changing combination of skills and ideas that will allow our organization to constantly grow and evolve.

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Interested? Apply now.

To apply, please fill out our volunteer application. Once you have completed this form, email our Volunteer Coordinator (volunteer@awamaki.org) with your resume and examples of past work (if applicable). Feel free to contact us with any questions!

Find out how you can earn college credit for your time at Awamaki through the Omprakash Edge Program at www.omprakash.org/edge!