Service Travel

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The Awamaki Service Travel Program is a three-to-eight week international volunteer opportunity that joins language education, cultural immersion and group activities with service work. Volunteers will lend a hand and build their awareness of Andean culture, community development and current Peruvian issues.

The Service Travel Program aims to provide international volunteers with meaningful cultural exchange and empowering experiences that foster a passion for global issues and community-driven development.

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During your stay, Awamaki can also arrange additional activities and adventures offered by local tour and recreation companies.

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What You Will Do

Service Work

We will work with you to develop a volunteer project based on your skills and interests. You could work at the local preschool, tutor English students, help out at the Awamaki Fair Trade store, lead day hikes to Inca ruins, and much more.


Language Classes

Every week you will take six hours of private Spanish Classes tailored to your speaking level. You’ll participate in regular group discussions focused on Andean culture, community development, cultural sensitivity, and current Peruvian issues.


Cultural Immersion

Experience life with an Ollantino family while living in an Awamaki homestay. Local artisans will teach you the art of traditional Andean cooking and basket weaving. Women in an Awamaki weaving cooperative will teach you the traditional craft of Andean backstrap weaving. You’ll venture to a remote Andean community for four days where we will learn to weave on the Andean backstrap loom, learn the local way of life, and explore the majestic Andean mountain range.


Where You Will Live

The program resides in Ollantaytambo where service travel participants will be hosted by a homestay family. Our homestay families are mostly middle-class Ollantinos who work in the local economy as artisans, teachers, drivers, chefs… you name it.

Awamaki’s homestay program is one of our most successful endeavors. Our homestays enable visitors and locals to connect through intercultural and linguistic exchange while providing families with a direct and sustainable income through tourism.


How to Apply

Contact us to inquire or apply for service travel opportunities.

The first step is our service travel application, which you can send with your inquiry.