Awamaki director Noah Silber-Coats shares this tidbit of local culture…

Earlier today, while riding a combi (minibus) to a nearby community I overheard this conversation between two women:

Woman 1: Nice weather lately.  I don’t think it’s going to rain any more this year.

Woman 2: Yes.  Except, I had a dream about beer last night.  Doesn’t that mean it’s going to rain?

Woman 1: No, I think when you dream about chicha that means it’s going to rain.  Dreaming about beer, I’m not sure what that means.

Woman 2:  No, I’m pretty sure beer or chicha means rain.

Woman 1:  I guess you’re right.  Any dream about liquid means more rain.  It will probably rain a little bit more this month.

Can you predict the weather based on dreams?  Maybe only in Ollantaytambo.