Awamaki recently received a donation and a beautiful homemade card from Whirls and Twirls Around the World, a very cool and inspiring blog written by Jenika and her 3 1/2 year old daughter. Each month, they pick a country and ‘travel’ there by reading picture books, going to local cultural events, doing crafts, cooking and music projects. They also make a contribution to an organization doing work in their country of focus. For the month of August, they ‘visited’ Peru, and chose Awamaki for their donation because it tied in with their own weaving projects:

Weaving on a cardboard loom – how fun is that?

The Whirl Girl’s card to the weavers.

You can read more about their cross-cultural adventures at their blog, Whirls and Twirls Around the World, or show your support for this awesome project by liking them on facebook. Thank you again, Jenika and Whirl Girl, for such a thoughtful gift!