Adult Mentor Information

Description of the Adult Mentor Role:


The Youth Ambassadors Program with South America is designed for teenagers ages 15-17 from Peru and the United States. The program is a three-week youth leadership exchange program of the U.S. Department of State, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, administered by Amizade Global Service-Learning and Awamaki. Daily activities may be non-formal, non-traditional, experiential in nature, and designed specifically for teenagers.  This may include outdoor activities to promote teambuilding, conflict resolution goals and cross-cultural understanding.  The adult participants have many roles on the program:


  • Participant:  The adult participant is an active participant who attends and is engaged in all program activities and events, including social activities. An adult participant actively contributes to the group and to the learning process. Adult participants must remain with the program throughout the entire trip. Personal travel during the program is not permitted.
  • Group Leader
    • Travel: Manage students when traveling from Peru to U.S., including airport travel.
    • Discipline: It is important to understand that there may be times where the Amizade program coordinator is not present for meetings because they may be preparing for other activities.  In that case it is up to you, the adult, to serve as the group leader.
    • Assisting Amizade Staff: There are many instances in which the Amizade staff will ask for your assistance in helping with different sessions or activities, either as a participant or as a facilitator.  There may also be times when we’ll need you to assist with evening transitions and room checks.
    • Program Pace: This exchange takes place in the U.S., the pace of the program is “American-style”, which means it’s very busy and requires a lot of energy and a high level of attention.  It is expected that meetings and sessions will start on time.  Become familiar with the schedule and program rules, and assist staff in reminding participants about upcoming workshops, field trips, and daily activities.
    • Observing: Paying attention to the mood, needs and dynamics of the group – notice those who are isolated, homesick, or having difficulty adjusting or has any language barriers.  Please communicate relevant observations to the staff.
  • Adult Mentor:
    • Role Model: Model respectful, positive, and cooperative interactions.  Help to create positive energy and enthusiasm among participants.  Support the development of a community among participants.
    • Community Action Plans: Upon returning home to Perú, the student participants will be responsible for designing and implementing projects in their community. One of the key responsibilities of the Adult Mentors is to supervise, facilitate, and assist the students with these projects.



Who is eligible to apply?

Adult Mentors must…

  • Be active in working with youth in either a high school or community setting.
  • Be willing and available to spend three weeks in the U.S. in 2017
  • Be willing and able to meet periodically with student participants during the 2017-18 academic year to support and monitor their follow-up work and community projects.
  • Be proficient in English.
  • Submit a complete application, reference form, resume/ CV, and a current photograph.
  • Hold citizenship and current residency in Peru (applicants with dual U.S. citizenship will not be considered).


What is the selection criteria?

  • Demonstrated interest in and commitment to service in their local community.
  • Strong record in teaching and/or supporting youth programs.
  • Demonstrated leadership ability.
  • Ability to work cooperatively in diverse groups of students and peers and tolerate the opinions of others.
  • Commitment to working with youth after the exchange to help them implement community projects.


Selection Process

  • Applicants that make it past the initial application review by our panel will be contacted for an interview in the end of March 2017.
  • Due to the large quantity of applications received, it is not possible to inform all applicants of their status. Thus, applicants can assume they were not chosen if they have not been contacted by Awamaki by late April.
  • Additional questions should be emailed to

*travel dates are tentative and may be subject to change depending on flight availability.

 Do NOT contact the U.S. Embassy!


Application Instructions

Please fill out the application as completely as possible. The information you provide on this application will provide the basis for selecting participants for this program. Answer the questions carefully and completely.

Once you begin the online application you will not be allowed to save it or return to it. We strongly recommend that you gather all necessary information and compose your essays before you begin the online application. The essay questions are listed below.


Essay Questions

There is no word limit on these essays, we suggest each short essay be about 1-2 paragraphs and each long essay should be about 1 page. Answers should be written in English.


Short Essay Question #1: Why are you interested in participating in this program? 

Short Essay Question #2: Do you have experience mentoring, teaching or otherwise working with youth? Please describe.

Long Essay Question #1: Please describe a problem facing your community, nation or the world, and tell us why it matters to you


Application Deadline: MARCH 5th, 2017

Apply Now!

Please note the additional required documents that must be submitted with your application below.


Required Documents

  1. Application Please be a thorough as possible. This is an online form and must be submitted electronically by March 5th, 2017.  (Click here to access form)
  2. Personal Reference Form from a supervisor or colleague who knows you well. Ask the person to serve as a reference for you and complete the online form by March 5th, 2017. (Click here to access form)
  3. Resume/ CV. After you have submitted your online application, please submit your Resume/ CV to Awamaki via email ( by March 5th, 2017.
  4. Photo of Yourself. Please send a recent photo of yourself to Awamaki via email ( by March 5th, 2017.

Do NOT contact the U.S. Embassy!

Application Deadline for all materials March 5th, 2017!