Anne Marie Toccket

Strategic Advisor


HOMETOWN: Pittsburgh, PA, USA

BACKGROUND: Anne Marie Toccket is a co-founder, long-time fan, and contributor to Awamaki. She has served as a board member, development staff, and now as strategic advisor for special projects. In Pittsburgh, she is the executive director of the Posner Foundation, whose grantmaking focuses on humanitarian crises, the environment, and education. She is the founder of Procopia, a consultancy serving nonprofit organizations, social enterprises and foundations. Peru is her most visited vacation spot and eventually her spouse will probably insist on visiting other places. Until then, Anne Marie tries to make annual trips to Peru, especially the ruins of Vilcabamba in Huancacalle.


FAVORITE PLACE TO VISIT IN PERU: the ruins of Vilcabamba in Huancacalle

FAVORITE THING ABOUT AWAMAKI: all those fabulous bright colors and the ladies who weave them