Camera Strap

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100% sheep’s wool textile camera strap. Available in six color variations. 28.5” by 2”.

Women from Quechua communities in the high Andes weave Awamaki textiles. They weave using a centuries-old technology, the backstrap loom. They often use wool that they have harvested from their own sheep, spun into yarn, and dyed by hand using plant dyes using ancient techniques. Our seamstress takes the raw weaving and converts it into pillows, bags and accessories for the modern world.

The handwoven motifs within our Leisure Collection are contemporary adaptations of traditional elements that the women artisans have been weaving since childhood. The  distinctive geometrical motifs, and endless variety of organic animal shapes make the textiles from these communities unmistakably unique. The designs chosen by a woman describe her personality, values, and how she sees herself in relation to the world.


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Mint, Pistachio, Slate, Black Forest, Wine, Golden


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