Handspun Fingerless Gloves


These chunky fingerless gloves keeps your hands warm and your fingers free.

The Chunky Handspun Collection is made from undyed, handspun, 100% alpaca wool. The wool is cleaned by hand and air, and never treated with chemicals. You won’t find a more natural, unprocessed wool anywhere.

Our alpaca fleece is sourced from family alpaca herders in the Peruvian highlands. Our spinners use traditional hand spindles to spin it into wool. Then, the chunky, distinctive wool is hand knit by women artisans from the small farming communities outside Ollantaytambo.

Our handspun collection demonstrates the connection between nature, ancient cultures and design. Alpacas dot the slopes of the Andes as high as one can see. Their soft, thick fibers are a luxury throughout the world. Our Chunky Handspun Collection pays tribute to this well-respected animal by retaining its natural colors, and hand-spinning the fibers to their maximum warmth and comfort.


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White, Natural