Heathered Beanie


This heathered beanie is a great addition to any outfit fall through spring!

Our knit accessories are made from 100% alpaca wool. All materials are ethically sourced and hand knit by women artisans in our Puente Inca and Rumira Cooperatives.

Our knit collection demonstrates the connection between nature, ancient cultures and design. The colors of our products are inspired by the transforming landscape of Peru’s Sacred Valley. In the dry season, red mountains turn pink, while the rainy season restores a lush, green hue to the hill sides. These naturally inspired colors will bring a tasteful burst of color to any outfit.

How is it made?

This hat is hand knit by women from our knitting cooperatives of Rumira and Puente Inca. Production takes place in individual artisans’ homes and in cooperatives’ artisan centers where the women meet several times per month. Production is portable allowing artisans to also work regularly in their fields and in public places.

What materials are used?

The hat is made with 100% alpaca fiber. Alpaca fiber is finer, softer and warmer than sheep fiber. It doesn’t contain the oil lanolin, which makes it hypoallergenic.


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