Hey to all you Awamaki followers and fans! We’re looking to start-up an education “wish-list” program… can you help?

We are hoping to host our very own computer classes for adults. In the past, we have run very successful computer classes, but have had to put those on hold due to programming difficulties with the partner organization. We now have our own space that we could run computer classes from. We just need the computers!

Please read on at https://awamaki.org/computer-campaign for more detailed information.

If you have a working laptop with a functioning battery (or can at least be plugged in) and can access the internet that you would like to donate, get in touch with us! We would love to hear from you no matter where you are whether California, Australia or Mongolia. Well, Mongolia might be a little hard, but from those and other places we have volunteers coming in who are willing to bring computers.  If you can donate a working computer (or even two!), we can write you a tax-free donation letter and eventually, send you a picture of our first computer class.

Thank you!