Donations Matter

By Shira Yeskel-Mednick, Marketing and Communications Intern

There are many different ways to practice sustainable tourism in the world. Many tour agencies and guides try to make sure that the experiences they offer meet sustainable tourism criteria. Others go even further. In addition to offering sustainable experiences, they donate to projects in their destination countries that are working to improve opportunities and standard of living in the communities they visit.

RealWorld Travel is one such agency. They recently donated to us as well as multiple other of their worthy clients the Sacred Valley. Their aim is enjoy everything the Sacred Valley has to offer while knowing that they are giving back to the people who generously host them.

Donations at Awamaki make our programs possible. We use donations to fund the workshops capacity building and trainings in technical skills that make our program unique. Our model aims to provide indigenous artisans with the skills to participate independently in the market economy over the long term. Donations fund field trips to visit successful women-led businesses, workshops on new product development, and programs run by outside trainers that have specific expertise in leadership training for Quechua women. Support like this provides the foundation for artisan women to build successful businesses and provide a better life for their families.

To get involved with Awamaki as a donor, visit our donate page or check out our projects (capacity building and design focused) on Global Giving!