Alejandra Carrillo-Munoz

Head Designer


HOMETOWN: Bloomington, Indiana, USA

BACKGROUND: Alejandra Carrillo-Muñoz is a designer motivated by the intersection of art and culture as a way to generate social good within marginalized communities. Focused in the ethical, socially-sustainable, slow fashion sector, she utilizes collaborative approaches to partner with indigenous, weaving artisans in the creation of fashion goods. She is most inspired by indigenous crafts, informed by anthropological methodologies, and largely influenced by my Latin American roots as well as her artistic background as a painter. She is based in beautiful Oaxaca, México, where in addition to heading Awamaki’s design team, she has also founded and runs Talleres Diseño Artesanal, an initiative to offer design oriented workshops for artisans in search of preserving their craft and expanding their market access.

FAVORITE PERUVIAN DISH/MEAL: Ceviche straight from Lima

FAVORITE PLACE TO VISIT IN PERU: Huilloc Alto and Kelkanca (close tie!)

FAVORITE THING ABOUT AWAMAKI: The incredible team in and out of the office that make up Awamaki