Veronica Levy

Marketing & Communications Coordinator


HOMETOWN: Lima, Peru

BACKGROUND: Veronica was born and raised in Lima, Peru and pursued her studies in Fine Arts and Sustainability at Pratt Institute, NY. She loves how colorful creations can blend with an environmental consciousness, as it inspires people to care for the Earth. This is why she is very excited to work with Awamaki to learn from the textile makers in the cooperatives, and be able to share their stories through the emerging online platforms. Her favorite thing about living in Ollantaytambo is being surrounded by the mountains, they really are a spectacle to look at and see how light changes throughout the day.


FAVORITE PLACE TO VISIT IN PERU: Catarata de Ahuashiyacu

FAVORITE THING ABOUT AWAMAKI: the thriving and diverse community that we are part of.