For advice, a guide, or to take the trails on horse or bike, visit our partners at KB Tambo Hotel & Tours. KB can combine our Quechua Community Visit with a bike tour.
  • Community Visit
  • Artisan Workshops
  • Weaving Immersion

Visit a traditional Quechua village to learn about Andean life and the weaving tradition from Awamaki artisans. Try spinning on the ancient Andean drop spindle, discover the potential of native dye plants and visit a traditional Quechua home with one of the weavers. In a weaving lesson taught by one of the weavers, learn the basic structure of weaving and make a “pulsera” (bracelet) to take home with you. As part of our Rural Tourism Package, eat a typical Andean lunch in a traditional Quechua home.

Or, opt for our Earth Oven Lunch Package and enjoy a traditional “Pachamanca” lunch. Prepared in an underground earth oven, it consists of chicken, Andean potatoes, vegetables, and fruit. This special lunch, usually reserved for birthdays and festivals, is a highlight of the tour and will provide enough food to be shared with your Quechua hosts.

Tours Leave Monday through Saturday at 9:00 am to Huilloc and Patacancha.

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Peruvian Cooking Class

Sisters Denise and Irma teach this simple and delicious cooking lesson. Learn to cook a traditional Peruvian dish like “rocoto relleno” (stuffed peppers) or “ají de gallina” (chicken in creamy pepper sauce). Start with a trip to Ollantaytambo’s food market to purchase fresh ingredients from local vendors. Denise or Irma will guide you in chopping, mixing and sautéing the Peruvian way, and then you’ll sit down to enjoy! Two to three hours.

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Sisters Denise and Irma teach this simple and delicious cooking lesson.

Weaving Immersion Weekend

Learn to weave and experience Quechua village life in this three-day, two-night excursion. Awamaki’s Weaving Immersion Weekend combines village activities, like visiting family farms and hiking to livestock pastures and glacial lakes, with one-on-one weaving lessons from one of Awamaki’s artisans. Visitors stay with local families in a traditional village in a spectacular mountain setting an hour from Ollantaytambo.

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Workshop includes
  • transportation to and from the village
  • introduction to the Andean weaving process and tour
  • weaving materials and exercise book
  • three one-on-one, half-day weaving lessons.
  • guided group hikes to glacial lakes or alpaca pastures
  • homestay accommodation for two nights including all food
  • basket of fresh fruits and vegetables bought locally
  • opportunity to purchase textiles directly from women artisans