Surrounded by beautiful mountains and clean air, Ollantaytambo is a refreshing peaceful town nestled in the Sacred Valley of Peru.

Known to its locals as Ollanta, the town has friendly people and fairytale-like views of old Incan cobblestone roads. It’s the perfect escape from modern day life as you explore it’s tranquil paths and ancient ruins.

Our tours offer an exclusive look into the culture of the surrounding Quechua communities by directly connecting you with the talented partner artisans of Awamaki. By learning more about natural dyeing and weaving on a backstrap loom, and exploring traditional Andean ways of life, you can immerse yourself in an authentic, off-the-beaten-track Sacred Valley experience.

Taste the traditional flavors of Peru by attending a cooking class in a local home. Accompanying the local dishes of Rocoto Relleno, or Papas a la Huancaína is a refreshing drink of Chicha Morada, made of local purple corn.

Truly delve into the culture with Spanish or even Quechua language classes to learn more about the local way of life and interact with people from Ollantaytambo.

No matter the activity you join, your participation benefits and uplifts local communities.


We recognize the increased uncertainty that COVID-19 may be causing in your own trip planning. To help you book with confidence, we are offering an exceptional cancellation policy:

Until the situation has stabilized, we will be extending the option of a 100% refund on all new bookings made after MAY 1, 2020, for cancelations made more than 24 hours prior to a tour.

“I have enjoyed my time with Awamaki. I really value the interactions that I’ve had with the women in the communities. Feeling comfortable together, building a close relationship with them even though we come from very different places. I’m very thankful to have been able to see an learn so many different things. I’ve always been interested in other cultures and ways of life and to be able to interact with such a diverse culture has really been special.” -Jessica Grohowski

“As the father of two young women, I am very pleased that we were able to take part in an organization that puts women first that has at its core women empowerment and cultural preservation. We’ve been here working alongside an international group of volunteers and staff members that have provided lots of inspiration for our daughters. My daughters came in as young girls and left as empowered women.” -Mark Cutler