Volunteer With Awamaki

The success of Awamaki’s work is made possible by the generosity and commitment of our volunteers and interns. We rely on their fresh ideas and skills to constantly improve and expand our projects. Volunteers and interns are encouraged to take initiative and work independently and with others in in areas that particularly appeal to their interests and areas of expertise. Volunteers leave Awamaki confident that they made a tangible contribution to the organization and that their skills were used effectively. Volunteers have a choice of two programs. Our Service Travel Program is for volunteers who wish to stay 3-8 weeks. Our Classic Volunteer and Intern Program is for volunteers who wish to stay between 10 weeks and one year. Volunteers are offered free room and board in the Awamaki volunteer house after 20 weeks. Volunteers who are willing to commit a longer period of time are refunded the Awamaki program cost and donation upon completion of 6 months of volunteering.

Is Awamaki Right For You?

There is no typical Awamaki volunteer or intern. Many are college students or recent graduates, while others are graduate students, professionals on a break, or retirees in search of an adventure. All volunteers and interns have a few things in common: they are self-motivated, committed to our mission, and capable of working both independently and in a team setting.

Note: The information on this page was last current in 2019. After a two-year hiatus, we are now accepting a limited number of in-person volunteers. We were unable to host volunteers in-person in Peru in 2020 or 2021. In 2022., we will have a limited number of in-person volunteer positions available. The program structure is similar to this page. However, until further notice, we are unable to maintain a volunteer house, and thus volunteers will stay with homestay families.  The program cost remains the same for volunteers who stay fewer than six months. For remote volunteering, positions are open on a rolling basis. We welcome you to contact us at volunteer@awamaki.org if you are interested in volunteering with us, remotely or in-person. 

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Assist our women’s cooperatives in the development and creation of products that adapt Andean textile traditions to international styles. Use and improve your skills in fashion design, knit design, pattern-making, textile production and merchandising. Work alongside cooperative members to develop product designs for our Peru store and wholesale lines. Support the production team with managing quality control and sourcing of supplies in Peru.

Educate international travelers about sustainable tourism and work alongside community members by facilitating tours, weaving lessons, cooking lessons and more. Guide visitors to indigenous communities on day tours and two-day (overnight) tours, and during the cooking classes. Help manage reservations and emails. Assist with special projects such as creating evaluation systems, improving marketing materials, improving the tours, and more.

Work with our Marketing Coordinator to gather and tell the stories at Awamaki, in writing and visually. Use and improve your skills in marketing, graphic design, creative writing, web design, photography and videography. Gather stories about Awamaki’s work and the women we serve. Write for social media, blog, newsletter and donor reports. Create promotional materials. Photograph Awamaki’s work and products. Shoot and create video to tell our stories.

Help Awamaki’s team better understand the social impact of our work as an independent and self-directed intern. Monitor the organizations activities and evaluate the collected data to analyze the impact and intended outcomes. Use and improve your skills in Spanish, economics, statistics, data management, qualitative data analysis, and GPS. Assist with surveys, focus groups, interviews, and data recording with the members of the woman’s business cooperatives. Analyze collected data. Assist with planning, attend, and document capacity-building workshops for the women’s artisanal cooperatives. Prepare data that will be used for Awamaki’s grant reports. This is a self-guided position.

Assist our sales team in growing local and international sales of women’s products. Use and improve your skills in sales, retail, merchandising, visual merchandising, and marketing. Analyze sales information and improve sales strategies in our retail store and online, assist with management of the Fair Trade store. Create sales materials and conduct market research. Support quality control, supply sourcing and product development.

How To Apply

Potential volunteers who wish to come over the summer months of June and July are encouraged to apply by early spring. For all other times of year, potential volunteers are encouraged to apply as early as possible, but acceptances are rolling and there is no deadline.

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Understanding the Costs

We do our best to keep the costs as minimal as possible for our volunteers. That said, it's important for you to understand the details before you accept a position. Awamaki is a 501(c)(3) and part of your volunteer fees may be tax-deductible as allowed by law. Please contact us at info@awamaki.org for more details about tax-deductible contributions.

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Group Volunteer Opportunities

Awamaki arranges customized service trips for groups of students or tourists. Groups visit for any amount of time from a half day to several weeks. Awamaki arranges service projects, local accommodations, homestays, classes and other cultural immersion experiences for groups. These trips give groups a hands-on community experience that allows the group to learn about Andean culture, contribute to our work, and give back to the local community. Recent service projects include building crafts centers alongside the women in our crafts cooperatives so that the women have a space to meet and run their businesses. Work can include clearing land, painting, making adobe, moving rocks and organizing activities for the children on the site. Awamaki’s also arranges homestays or other accommodations, language classes, cultural tourism activities, educational speakers and outings, and hikes and Machu Picchu excursions for a visiting group’s trip. To explore whether we would be a good fit for your group, please contact us at info@awamaki.org.

Understand the Expenses

$2400 for 10 weeks, plus $100 for each additional week for the first 20 weeks, refund after 6 months. **Please note: while we are unable to offer a volunteer house due to the pandemic, we are also unable to give a full refund after six months. We can only offer a partial refund. We are happy to discuss if you are planning to stay six months**

This includes room and board for the entirety of your stay in the Awamaki volunteer house. It also includes program and administrative fees, airport pickup, and welcome festivities, 10 hours of walking language class and tour of town, and a two-day (overnight) cultural immersion experience in one of the indigenous communities. A homestay with a local family can be arranged for additional cost.

$1460 for 3 weeks, plus $240 for each additional week

This includes full room and board for the entirety of your stay, in our volunteer house. It also includes program and administrative fees, airport pickup, welcome and goodbye festivities, five hours of private Spanish instruction per week, bi-weekly group cultural discussions, the a three-day cultural immersion weekend in one of the indigenous communities, a Peruvian Cooking Class and a Woodworking class. Additional weeks include full room and board and ongoing Spanish instruction. A homestay with a local family can be arranged for additional cost.